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The semi permanent make-up into the world 
There is a The9 ACADEMY in the center.

The demand for Korean semi-permanent make up and its contents have been rapidly increasing world-wide along with the growing popularity of Korean culture. There are many specialists that are currently teaching and conducting procedures in South East Asia and China. The over flowing demand of semi-permanent make up suggests the necessity to train professional and semi-permanent make up experts to fulfill the costumer wants and needs. 

Although there are numerous professionals and semi-permanent make up academies with various educative courses, there aren't many organizations that provide systematic and professional education on semi-permanent make up. Furthermore, unlike many other complex beauty academies where they teach on many areas of cosmetics such as hair, makeup, etc., The9 BROWREPUBLIC ACADEMY mainly focuses on semi permanent-make up which allows us to provide distinctive, professional and special education curriculum. 

Browrepublic is a leading educational institution that focuses on semi-permanent make up with the most up to date advanced technology, systematic teaching course along with the best instructor/staff team. 

With Browrepublic's leading edge technology, we are confident to say that we help, support and encourage students to learn from basic skills to advanced skills; and to succeed as an expert in semi-permanent make up.

 With The 9 academy curriculum and Brow Republic academy's special unique microblading  techniques, You will get the most natural looking Eyebrows, Eyeliners, Lips, Fashion mole , Hairline. Our staffs are well trained and experienced Microblading specialized artists that licenced and certified as Permanent makeup artist in Korea & U.S.  We also provide our service and classes in English, Korean languages.

Also  our  Microblading Master Artist/ The9 Texas branch director  provides small group classes for those who want to learn permanent makeup technique.

Since Permanent makeup industry boomed up in the states that people spend alot of money and time to learn techniques. But they choose wrong academy or classes that they can only learn superficial techniques which make them to invest more money to learn from other academy again. We do not recommend online course or 3-5 days short program , cause it is not practical.  It is too short period to get trained and master the skills to open a salon and have customers.  They will  finally mess up with client's eyebrows. I will make sure our The9 BrowRepublic academy  students have enough training, hands-on practice and knowledge so that they become master level artist !

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